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In 2003 I retired to our farm in Virginia after a career in Information Technology. In 2004 I became extremely ill. Although I quickly suspected Lyme, a diagnosis came 1 ½ years later, and treatment did not restore my health. A 2008 evaluation by a tick-borne illness specialist also identified Babesia. As a result of this clinician’s care I’ve “gotten a life back”, although ongoing care may be required.

As my health improved, I began a personal search to determine how I could be of service to people suffering from Tick Borne Illness (TBI). I knew that some tick-borne illness specialists encourage patients to keep a daily journal to aid diagnosis and treatment. I knew patients wonder whether they are making progress. And I understood the complexity of symptom and medication tracking. With the support of my husband, also a retired Information Technology manager, and another professional software engineer, TBIJournal.com is now the result of that search.

Our hope is that TBIJournal.com will be a useful tool for those with Tick Borne Illnesses. For those who are most ill, we hope it will assist those who help you through this. For those well enough to manage their own care, we hope it will help you evaluate your health status and allow you to offer your clinician well summarized and detailed records of your progress. Information, with the exception of prescription treatment details, may be summarized and shared to improve understanding of TBI experiences and improve the health care experience for those afflicted.

For those interested in our technology, we support these web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. TBIJournal.com is built on industry standard technologies, including the Microsoft™ .NET platform and SQL Server database.

TBIJournal.com is available at no charge to patients. It is privately funded by a patient and patient family members.

We are committed to providing software that meets the needs of Tick-Borne Illness patients and those who assist them. We welcome suggestions on web-site content via the site’s Contact option.

Wishing good health to all,

Jo Ann